Eco-Friendly Renovations

Going Green is a huge trend in our society today. From recycling paper and plastics to reducing our need for fossil fuels, most Americans consciously try to reduce the impact they have on the environment. It ought to be no surprise then that Going Green has made its way into home remodeling and is quickly gaining speed.Everywhere you look more and more contractors are using green methods to remodel homes. Living rooms and basements are made to be more Eco-friendly and sustainable. Kitchens and bathrooms are being renovated with recycled glass tiles and paper counter-tops. More and more builders are finding ways to introduce more sustainable materials into their tool box everyday. So what can you do to make sure you next remodeling project is an Eco-friendly one? Here are a few tips:While your remodeling, there are a lot of small adjustments you can make that have less of an impact on the environment. More importantly, many green renovations are also better for your budget as they can significantly lower your overall renovation costs.

Always plan your renovations carefully so you don’t need to make costly or wasteful changes afterwards. Implementing a clear plan does not require sacrificing flexibility, however it will help to reduce unnecessary adjustments later.

Work with a contractor with green renovation experience. Your contractor should have a record of past green remodels that demonstrate their own ability to deliver environmentally-friendly and sustainable renovations.

Particulary when remodeling an older home, look out for asbestos and if any is found hire a trained specialist to remove it properly. Asbestos is extremely dangerous and should be handled by trained individuals only. Keep your remodeling mess and dust in the area you will be remodeling, put up plastic barriers at the doors and windows to keep the dust and mess from escaping into other areas of your home.

Use recycled materials whenever possible. During demolition take careful attention to the materials that are being taken out and take into consideration whether or not you can use them again in the remodel. If you can’t reuse them, consider donating them to a local charity, or contact your local recycling company to find out which materials you can recycle and which must be thrown away.

Always look for recycled materials first before purchasing new materials. You will be surprised what a little search on the internet can turn up.

Look for more Eco-friendly or sustainable materials. Woods that grow quickly are a great option for flooring because they are more sustainable to our environment, Eucalyptus, cork, and bamboo are great options.

Inevitably, it is very hard to make next renovation a eco-friendly one. As you can see they are several ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and make our environment a more sustainable one. Speak with one of our Envision Design Experts today and you will get even more tips on how to make your home more sustainable.