Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

kitchen remodeling

Whether or not you think you’ll be selling in the near future, returns on kitchen remodeling product easily top the 80% mark. You’ll earn back most of what you invest and get to enjoy a new kitchen.

The only problem is trying to make it happen on a budget.

Even if you’re comfortable with DIY repair, the cost of high-quality materials could set you back in a big way. Getting the most out of your remodeling means that you’re able to cut costs without cutting quality. You’ll have to get creative to end up with a great kitchen on a tight budget.

Wondering how to get started? Follow these three tips to save money and still get the highest quality out of your kitchen remodeling job.

1. Don’t Replace, Paint

If you’re not happy with your kitchen cabinets, you don’t need to tear them out of the wall. The cabinets might still be in great condition, but in need of some sprucing up. A good coat of paint can go a long way towards improving the appearance of your kitchen.

If you’re thinking you want to repaint your kitchen, consider repainting your cabinets as well. Take a little time to disassemble doors, tape off your edges, do some sanding, and paint carefully. You could end up with a fresh looking kitchen without having to spend the thousands a new set of cabinets would cost.

You’ll also save yourself the frustration of living in a construction zone between the teardown and installation periods. That’s one of the most frustrating parts of a remodel–and this is one way to avoid it!

2. Look Online

Take the time to comparison shop for what you want on different sites. Look beyond the big box stores and check out specialists in your area. You could end up getting an amazing deal on a floor model that’s in great condition.

Go beyond the shops and check out craigslist and other online marketplaces. Lots of people hold onto high-quality fixtures waiting to sell them to someone looking for that exact piece.

You could even get a deal at a big thrift market or a warehouse that resells old home fixtures.

3. Take on Some of the Workload

True, you might not have the ability to dismantle a wall and install pipes. But once the essential construction is in place, think about what work you can do yourself.

If you’re doing a custom paint job or thinking about retiling the space, think about taking the DIY route. You could save thousands by getting your hands dirty and laying tiles or handling the finishes on your own.

Kitchen Remodeling Can Be Fun

If you’re a young couple just moved into a new home, it could be a fun bonding and romantic experience to work on your kitchen together.

Taking an older home and making it feel like your own will add an additional layer of charm to your house.

For more ideas on how to remodel or upgrade your kitchen, contact us for tips.

4 Kitchen Tips For the Ultimate Resale Value

kitchen tipsWhat if making a few changes to the kitchen could help you sell your home?

Everyone who sells their home wants to make a profit. And making a profit is about making the kind of changes that enhance your home’s resale value.

The kitchen is one of the biggest factors when people buy a new home. Keep reading to discover four kitchen tips to improve your resale value!

1. Kitchen Tips to Avoid

Before you know what to add, you should know what to not add. There are certain changes to the kitchen that will harm your chances of a sale. And some of these changes even harm the resale value!

If you have a kitchen island, be careful where you place it. Anything that gets between the sink and the refrigerator is a turn-off for buyers.

Avoid ceramic flooring. It’s tempting because it’s durable and good-looking. However, it hurts your feet after standing on it a while, and buyers know this.

Finally, don’t go cheap on the cabinets. Spend good money investing in cabinets that are durable, beautiful, and tall. Trying to save money with cheap cabinets means you lose money on selling your home!

2. Open Some Space

If you have the money and you have the vision, opening up your kitchen space can do wonders for your resale value. You do this by knocking down the walls keeping your kitchen separate.

This makes your home look even bigger. And it provides the kind of open floor space that buyers are really craving!

3. Taking It for Granite

There are certain kitchen features that only appeal to certain kinds of buyers. However, the one thing that appeals to every buyer is granite countertops.

Such countertops add elegance and class to any kitchen. They are practically expected in luxury homes, and they can add the appearance of luxury to any kitchen.

Granite is also a pretty competitive material in the home furnishings market. That means that you can afford to check around and find the best-looking countertop that is still in your kitchen price range.

You still have options if actual granite is out of your price range. Pulverized quartz is cheaper than granite but offers patterns that look almost exactly like granite.

4. Natural Color Schemes

Adding a new paint scheme to the kitchen is a major part of many renovations. However, you should stick to natural colors for any repainting that you do.

Bright and unnatural colors can make the room look “loud” and chaotic. This is very likely to drive prospective buyers away.

Try to use natural colors, but avoid making everything white. This makes the kitchen look inviting without looking generic.

The Bottom Line

To improve the value of your home, you need to improve your kitchen. However, chances are that you don’t know where to start when it comes to kitchen tips!

You don’t have to renovate on your own. At Envision Design, we can take any room in your house and add elegance, class, and value.

To discover how we can transform your kitchen, contact us for your free consultation today!

How To Choose The Best New Refrigerator For Your Remodel

new refrigeratorAre you planning a kitchen remodel? For many buyers, the kitchen is among the most important areas in the home.

Real estate experts agree that remodeling the kitchen yields a great return on investment. In fact, homeowners that remodel the kitchen recoup more than 80% of the investment cost.

A kitchen remodel typically includes upgrading appliances, including a new refrigerator. A new refrigerator can serve as the focal point of a kitchen upgrade. In addition, a large, energy-efficient unit adds to the resale value of the home.

Read on to learn how to select the best refrigerator for your kitchen remodel.

Size Matters for a New Refrigerator

The first thing you need to do is measure the available space to fit a new refrigerator. This is the most important step in the selection process.

The best refrigerator on the market may not fit into the allotted space, and then you are in trouble. Therefore, take careful three-dimensional measurements of length, width, and height.

Storage Capacity

The required storage capacity within the refrigerator and freezer truly depends on your lifestyle. A family of six is going to need more storage space than a young couple who is rarely home.

If this decision is driven by return on investment, it is wise to err on the side of more capacity. A refrigerator that is too small may diminish the resale value and be a turnoff to prospective buyers.

Energy-Efficiency is a Plus

First of all, the purchase of an energy-efficient appliance may be deductible on your federal taxes. If it meets the criteria, you may be able to recoup some of the investment from Uncle Sam.

There are many other benefits to going green. For starters, an energy-efficient model reduces your electricity bill and is great for the environment. Refrigerators with an Energy Star label could save you $150 per year on the electricity bill.

Cool Features Are an Added Bonus

There are a number of features that are appealing to consumers. One popular feature is an in-line water dispenser with a filter. This generation’s consumers expect an ice maker and temperature controls.

A growing number of refrigerators including electronics features, such as a built-in entertainment system. This means the refrigerator can connect to Wi-Fi and play music or videos.

A word of caution is that you can go overboard with the features. There is a law of diminishing returns when it comes to resale value.

At a certain point, the percentage of cost that you can recoup in a property transaction starts to decline. Only in a high-end market will sellers be able to recoup some of the costs of an extravagant refrigerator.

Wrapping It Up

Upgrading the refrigerator is a crucial part of any kitchen remodel. For many buyers, the refrigerator is the most important appliance in the kitchen.

Size and storage capacity are amongst the top considerations for choosing the perfect unit. Consumers should also look into energy-efficient models, which reduce utility costs in the long-run.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, check out our blog for other great ideas.

5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Remodeling Service For Your Kitchen

remodeling serviceFor families of all kinds and sizes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. From a financial perspective, an updated kitchen adds to the property value of your home.

According to a recent survey, the #1 reason people remodel is they simply can’t stand their kitchen anymore.

When it’s time to update your kitchen, one choice is to hire a remodeling service to do the work (as opposed to doing it yourself). Here are some signs that it may be time to hire a professional.

1. Worktop Space

A cluttered workspace undermines the purpose of a kitchen. If your countertops don’t provide space to prepare a meal, you may be in need of a kitchen makeover.

Kitchens need to be functional, and that means more than just working appliances and a kitchen island.

2. It’s All About the Kitchen Sink

If washing your coffee cup in the sink is a clunky experience, the position of your kitchen sink may be an issue. Most older kitchens feature the sink in front of a window. Whenever possible, the window overlooks the property.

Where the sink should be is along a point in the work triangle. The work triangle is a clear path between your stove, refrigerator, and sink. If your work path has obstacles, or there’s too much ground to cover to get from one point to the next.

If you’re bumping into each other or having to reach into an awkward cabinet over the sink, it’s probably time to consider a new layout. Designers at a remodeling service can help you choose a solid layout.

3. Creaking Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are for storage in terms of function. They are also the anchor of your kitchen. If your cabinets are decrepit, the look and tone turn negative. It may require more than a fresh coat of paint and new knobs. It may be time to call in a remodeling service.

4. Lackluster Storage Units

If you’ve taken time to destash your cabinets and still find your kitchen stuffed to the gills, consider renovating. Modern kitchen design is snappy with storage options. You have the option of keeping your utensils and extra gadgets all tucked away neatly.

The important things can remain on the counter without cluttering up your space, like the coffeemaker and smoothie blender.

5. Cruddy Flooring

A clean and modern looking floor is essential to any kitchen. Outdated flooring can dull the look of a kitchen. Old flooring may be uneven. It also may be so worn that it is impossible to keep clean.

Also, if you are updating your cabinets, it may be necessary to replace the floor as well to tie the whole room together.

Time to Call the Remodeling Service?

If spending time in your kitchen is becoming a chore, it may be time to renovate. A kitchen is a place to make memories as well as meals. If you’d rather order takeout than fix a sandwich at your kitchen counter, it may be time to call in the remodeling service.

Have a look at our photo gallery for ideas, and then contact us if you like what you see!

How to Choose Modern Kitchen Curtains That Showcase Your Style

modern kitchen curtainsPlanning to redecorate your kitchen? Want to enhance its visual appeal without spending a fortune? If so, start with the curtains!

These simple accessories can give your kitchen a whole new look. They will turn it into a cozy, welcoming room where cooking is a pleasure.

Modern kitchen curtains come in many different shapes and colors and can fit into any budget. The cheapest models cost as little $7. Silk curtains, which are the most expensive, can exceed $1,000.

The cost depends on the model, fabric, and size. Polyester and cotton have the lowest price tag. Layered curtains and other add-on features range from $70 to $200.

However, don’t make a decision based solely on your price. After all, your kitchen curtains will last for years, so it’s a wise investment. Here are some factors to consider:

Choose a Quality Fabric

Modern kitchen curtains are made from a variety of fabrics. It all comes down to your needs.

If you want privacy, choose blackout linings or heavy fabrics. In case the windows are located near the stove, opt for fabrics treated against fire. Linen and cotton curtains work best for windows near the sink.

For a touch of style, decorate your windows with airy fabrics. Velvet and silk are an excellent choice. Just make sure your curtains match the kitchen wall decor.

Beware that most fabrics fade over time because of sunlight. If your kitchen gets a lot of light, opt for dark or neutral colors so they last longer.

Consider the Length

Next, measure the windows to determine the best length for your new curtains. Hanging the curtains six to eight inches above the window frame will make the room appear larger.

For a more traditional style, choose curtains that slightly touch the floor. To ensure curtain fullness, add up to four inches on both sides.

Keep an Eye on the Latest Trends

Once you pick a fabric and color, check out the latest trends. Look online for modern kitchen curtains to get an idea of what’s in this season.

Japanese shutters and panels are becoming more and more popular. They’re a stylish alternative to basic curtains.

Designers recommend contrasting textures, organic contours, and fabric designs inspired by geological structures. Metallic shades are a perfect choice too.

Micropatterns and geometric shapes have a dramatic effect. Vivid colors will brighten up your kitchen instantly. If you have a traditional home, go for wild floral designs and botanical motifs.

For a contemporary kitchen, choose curtains in deep shades of topaz, amethyst, or amber. Look for heavy blackout blinds, velvet, and other sumptuous fabrics. These are ideal for the cold season.

Types of Modern Kitchen Curtains

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for custom curtains or ready-made models.

Made-to-measure curtains give you more flexibility in terms of size and shape. Basically, you choose a model and specify the exact dimensions when placing your order.

Ready-made curtains are perfect for those who are short on time or have a smaller budget. Your only job is to hang them on the windows. The drawback is that you’ll have fewer options to choose from.

The Right Choice Is One Click Away

Now that you know what to look for in kitchen curtains, go ahead and make a choice! There are thousands of home design blogs and magazines that you can use for inspiration.

Need help? Let our team design your dream kitchen! Call us today or visit our showroom for a free consultation!

5 Key Questions You Should Ask Your Kitchen Renovation Company

kitchen renovation companyThe kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home for a reason: it brings families together and serves as a space for making memories that will last a lifetime.

Therefore, remodeling your kitchen is a big decision. You want a space that feels homey and comfortable. But, you also need it to be practical for everyday use.

So, before you start picking out new tiles, you need to make sure you are working with contractors who see your vision as clearly as you do.

To make sure you are working with the best, there are some questions you should ask your kitchen renovation company before hiring. Here are the top 5 ones you should ask to ensure you get the kitchen of your dreams.

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

Kitchen renovation companies that have been in business for many years have undoubtedly worked through a number of growing pains.

Years of experience likely means the company has systems in place to ensure their work on time, on budget, and of the highest quality.

If you meet a contractor and your instincts tell you to go with them, first start them off with a smaller project to see how they do. If you’re impressed with their work, you can then have them tackle your entire kitchen.

2. Can I see Your License and Insurance?

Cities, states, and even individual counties can all have different rules as to whether or not a contractor needs a specific license to operate in that area.

As a homeowner, it’s important to make sure the contractor you hire has obtained all the necessary credentials to work in your area. And remember, this doesn’t just mean a general business license. Just because someone is allowed to operate a business doesn’t mean they’re allowed to work in your home.

You should also check to make sure the contractor has both worker’s comp insurance and liability insurance. Otherwise, you may be held responsible for anyone hurt on the job or anything damaged.

3. What’s Your Timeline for Completion?

Before you hire a kitchen renovation company, you should ask if they can provide you with a fixed start date and completion date. And this should include any cleanup duties.

These dates should be a part of a formal written agreement. Also, you’ll want to get a general idea of their day-to-day work routine. Do they start first thing in the morning? Do they work on multiple projects at once or just one until it’s finished?

Knowing these things can help keep the lines of communication clear and open.

4. What’s the Warranty?

Most contractors will offer a warranty on their work, as well as a warranty on the materials they use for their work.

Ask ahead of time what this warranty is and for how long it remains in effect. You should also ask for copies of the manufacturer’s warranty to cover any materials that are used during the renovation.

5. Can I Get That in Writing?

Discussing your expectations with your kitchen renovation company is one thing, getting it in writing is another.

You’ll likely be signing some sort of contract anyways, but make sure it’s valid and that it includes the things that are important to you. The contract should include the details of the project, the start and end date, the required permits, and exactly what you’re looking for in the project.

Kitchen Renovation Company: Wrap Up

Communication between the homeowner and contractor is key to ensuring you get the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

Never hesitate to ask any prospective contractor questions or to follow up on things you’re unsure about. Good contractors will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

At Envision Design, quality kitchen renovations is what we’re all about. Visit us to learn about our processes.

5 Backsplash Tile Designs to Consider for Your Kitchen

Backsplash TileChoosing the backsplash tile for your kitchen is no small feat. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it deserves special care throughout the entire design process.

And the decisions we make are endlessly exciting. Will the countertops be granite or marble? Will the cabinetry be a dark stain or white?

Since the backsplash is going to be right up against those countertops and cabinets, everything must blend together perfectly.

We’ve handpicked some of the most stylish designs for you. Let’s see which one fits in with your kitchen dreams.

Mexican Backsplash Tiles

Do you enjoy a good taco night? Well, pair that pitcher of sangria with a beautiful display of Mexican backsplash tiles.

Their color and energy will radiate off your kitchen wall, inspiring endless nights of delectable dishes and heartfelt fun.

These backsplashes tend to do well with white or wooden cabinetry. The stain can be either light or dark.

Given their flair, they tend to act as the focal point in the kitchen. Some homeowners even dedicate an entire accent wall to Mexican tiles.

This takes the heavy lifting off any other textured or layered patterns you might be considering anywhere else throughout your kitchen.

White Subway Backsplash Tiles

Folks, the white subway tile is never going out of style. How could it? With its pristine lines and glowing shades of cleanliness, it will forever be the go-to tile.

Many homeowners choose to tile an entire wall in their kitchen with white subway tiles. That’s an elegant path to take.

However, just trimming your countertops with a brushstroke of white subway tile is finery at its best.

If you select copper or bronze fixtures, they’ll gleam amidst the soft glow of your white subway tiles.

Seaglass Backsplash Tile

Do you and your loved ones enjoy a good clam bake or a fresh tray of oysters?

Then a beautiful blue-green sea-glass backsplash is just the ticket. It will evoke waves of calmness and serenity, and make you feel like those ocean waves are right outside your door.

With sea-glass, the options are endless. You can install tiles with a matte finish or a glossy sheen.

You can square them off, using different sizes. Or they can be rectangular, set in a staggered pattern.

You can’t go wrong and you’re guaranteed to love the finished product.

Stacked Stone and Granite Backsplash Tiles

A natural, stacked stone backsplash emits a sense of uniformity and cleanliness.

Similar to the clean white subway tile, if you pair your stacked stone backsplash with some gorgeous copper elements, no one will be able to take their eyes of your kitchen.

Here’s another bit of food for thought. We all know and love granite countertops. But, have you ever considered a granite backsplash? This provides an unexpected element of glamour.

Pair some glossy stainless steel appliances with your granite backsplash and you’ll be in a league of your own.

Metallic Backsplash Tile

Ready to have some fun? Let’s go bold with a metallic backsplash tile. If the rest of your kitchen space has a crisp, cool feeling to it, this is definitely a statement to consider.

Speckle your space with potted herbs and greenery, and your metallic backsplash will stand out in the most charming way.

Get the Kitchen You’ve Always Dreamed Of!

Here at Envision Design, we’ve performed thousands of residential kitchen remodels throughout San Diego county.

We treat every remodel as if it were our own home.

We’d be delighted to set up a free consultation with you. Let’s design that kitchen of your dreams!

How to Find the Best Kitchen Cabinets for Your Remodel

Best Kitchen Cabinets

When you’re doing a kitchen remodeling, consider dedicating a big chunk of your budget to the kitchen cabinets.

Finding the best kitchen cabinets for your space can be tricky, as they can make or break the entire look of your kitchen. They should be functional and well-incorporated into your space, without sacrificing the aesthetics.

Kitchen remodeling is a long-term investment that has to be worth your time and money. Deciding on the style, color, countertop material, knobs, doors, and drawers can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

So keep reading to learn how to choose the right cabinets for your kitchen remodeling project.

How to Find the Best Kitchen Cabinets for Your Kitchen Makeover

Decide on the Style

The style of the cabinets will determine the entire feel of your kitchen. For example, if you prefer clean, modern lines and little to no details, make sure the cabinets match with the appliances and decor.

On the other hand, if you want a countryside or rustic kitchen, choose elements with corbels, copper knobs, and light pastel or dark wood colors.

If you’re savvy enough, you can also combine a few cabinet styles. But if not, hire a quality kitchen remodeling contractor that’ll seamlessly incorporate the cabinets into the rest of your kitchen.

Choose the Cabinet Doors Style

The main style components of your kitchen are the cabinet doors.

The most commonly used doors are the Shaker cabinet doors. They’re both functional and classic, so they’ll fit into almost every kitchen.

For a more modern, simplistic feel, choose a flat-panel door style. There are no patterns or details – only clean lines. You can easily add character to your flat cabinets by choosing unusual knobs and pulls.

If you have a bigger budget, consider inset cabinet doors. These are installed inside the cabinet frame (thus the name) and give a smooth, elegant look to the entire kitchen.

Focus on Functionality and Durability

During your kitchen remodeling, the main things to consider besides style are functionality and durability.

Everything in the kitchen is used on a daily basis, so make sure the materials you choose for the kitchen cabinets are of great quality.

Some of the best kitchen cabinets on the market are made of wood like cherry, mahogany, red oak, chestnut etc. These are extremely durable and less prone to damages.

Other materials include decorative laminate, Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), plywood, Thermo-Structured Surface (TSS), wood veneer and even aluminum and polyethylene.

As for countertops, pick a material that’s easy to clean and durable, yet stylish at the same time. You can choose granite, quartz, marble, soapstone and even concrete.

Besides cabinet doors, think about installing a lot of drawers for added storage. They’re easy to access and can fit a lot more stuff than shelved cupboards.

Don’t Forget the Hardware

Another fun part of finding the best kitchen cabinets for you is choosing the hardware parts.

For a classic look, pick simple steel or nickel pulls and knobs. These go well with Shaker and inset cabinetry.

If you want more character, adorned vintage or antique brass hardware is a great way to spruce up a simple kitchen. Glass, marble and ceramic knobs go great with distressed, stained wood or black and white kitchens.

Tubular and flat bar pulls are the way to go with modern, sleek, minimalistic cabinet doors and drawers.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to choose the best style of cabinets for your kitchen, it’s time to get to work!

Need help remodeling your kitchen? Contact us today for a free quote! We’re happy to serve you!

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Tile for Your Remodel

Kitchen Tile

Is it time for a kitchen makeover?

When preparing for a remodel, one of the most important decisions you need to make is to decide what kind of kitchen tile you will be using.

Here are a few of the most crucial things to remember when choosing the right kitchen tile for your remodel.

Determine Your Budget

Before you choose kitchen tile materials you should know what your budget will be. There are many materials available and the price of kitchen tiling can vary quite a bit.

Whether you’re working with a limited budget or the sky’s the limit, the perfect option for you is out there.

Materials such as vinyl and linoleum can be on the cheaper side, but custom designed ceramic tiles and natural stone tiles can be much more expensive.

Decide on Tile Location and Design Goals

You may have different needs depending on the location of the kitchen you are adding tiles. Make a list of locations and think about how you would like each of them to look.

Are you looking for kitchen tiles for the floor, counter tops, or walls? Or do you need a backsplash?

Decide whether you want tiles that blend in seamlessly with your current design scheme or if you would rather create a look that stands out.

Finally, you should also consider longevity. While it’s fine to follow current trends in kitchen design, you may want to pick a classic look if you want a kitchen that will look good for the long haul.

Choose Your Kitchen Tile Materials

Most tiles will be either porcelain, ceramic, or natural stone.

Some primary materials and styles include cork, vinyl, linoleum, bamboo, glass, limestone, and marble. Each material has their benefits, so perform some research to decide what is right for you and your kitchen.

Porcelain tiles have pros and cons. Porcelain tiles are usually more durable than ceramic tiles and are more resistant to wear and tear.

Non-porcelain tiles are known as “ceramic” and in comparison, are often better for residential uses.

Ceramic tiles use a rating system, PEI, and classes range from 1-5. PEI Class 1 marks tiles that are better for walls and other areas while PEI Class 5 tiles are the most adequate for heavy foot traffic.

Natural stone materials will generally require more cleaning and maintenance than ceramic and porcelain.

Consider Your Habits and Lifestyle

It’s important to consider how you and your family will be using your kitchen.

Do you have pets in your home? Are you worried about spills? How many kids do you have?

If you plan on having heavy foot traffic make sure to purchase floor tiles that will be able to take a beating.

If you’re tiling your floor, make sure to use tiles that are specifically meant for floor use. A slightly textured, raised tile that is meant for floors will be better for preventing slips and falls.

When choosing tiles for counter tops, a ceramic tile is a good durable choice that can withstand the heat from hot pots and pans.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been preparing for a remodel you’ve probably discovered that there are a lot of options to choose from for kitchen tiling.

But don’t worry. Just take your time and choose carefully. If you do, you may just end up with the perfect home kitchen.

Looking for inspiration for your remodeling project? Click here to schedule a time to come visit our San Diego showroom.

7 Kitchen Cabinet Handles to Use in Your Kitchen Design

Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Though they are small, kitchen cabinet handles can enhance your kitchen in a big way. You just need to know which ones will fit your design plans.

A Remodeling Magazine report states that small kitchen projects increase the value of the home by about 83%.

When choosing handles, you look at several factors:

  • Cost of handles
  • Handle sizes, shapes, and finishes
  • Cabinet style
  • Quality and functionality of handles
  • Overall kitchen design

Getting ideas for redesigning the kitchen takes a lot of effort. Some helpful remodeling apps can inspire you. Or, you can get information from articles like this one.

Read on to get examples of great kitchen cabinet handles.

Kitchen Cabinet Handles to Choose From

Both the big and small components affect the look of the kitchen. They don’t need to be fancy or expensive, just complementary.

Here are some kitchen cabinet handles to choose from:

1. Round Crystal Knob Handle

People believe crystals emit healing energy in a home. Their dazzling features also complement traditional kitchens. Like chandeliers, they bring a sophisticated look to your interior.

2. Bar-Style Pull Handle with Monogram Finish

Getting your initials branded on items is one example of a status symbol. You can get a sleek bar-style pull handle with your initials engraved. This complements a modern minimalist kitchen.

3. Antique Brass Knob Handle

Despite its simple features, an antique brass knob handle will improve a contemporary kitchen. For example, it creates a vintage feel when you install it on white cabinets. You can specify the mold of the handle to get a specific design.

4. Brass or Chrome-Plated Cup/Cut In Handle

Cup or Cut In handles are comfortable and functional. The brass handles complement a kitchen with vintage designs. The chrome-plated handles suit a modern kitchen.

5. Wooden Knob Handle for Intricate Wooden Cabinets

Those who love antique designs and shapes on the cabinets don’t want to distract from the look. That’s why a simple wooden knob handle will do the trick. The shade of color can be similar or have a slight difference.

6. Flat Stainless Steel Handle

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel handles go well with light brown or cream-colored cabinets. They blend in with the simple cabinets without drawing too much attention. They are ideal for a modern kitchen with a simple and clean design.

7. Leather Pull Bar Handle for Shaker Cabinet

With the current trend of white cabinets, no one would expect a pairing with leather handles. Get light orange handles fixed with stainless steel screws. It will have a huge impact on the kitchen design.

Get Kitchen Design Inspiration

The ideas above are simple yet impactful. Some kitchen cabinet handles will blend in while others will complement your kitchen design. The secret is to focus on adding small components that fit in the big kitchen.

Without enough help, home improvement projects can become laborious. Working with experts will change that. They will discuss details of their successful projects and inspire you to improve your kitchen.

Visit us to learn more.