6 Small Kitchen Design Tips for a Tight Space

small kitchen design

A small kitchen can mean nightmares for the design lover who envisions cooking and eating in a perfect, Pinterest-worthy space. It might seem like an impossible task to create a dreamy kitchen in such a limited space.

A tight space doesn’t have to be an obstacle to your creative design ideas. Certain tricks can allow you to create a beautiful kitchen space within the boundaries of a tiny floor plan.

So exactly can you turn your small space into a functional and swoon-worthy kitchen?

We’ve created a guide of six small kitchen design tips to allow you to build the kitchen of your dreams that works with its limited square footage.

Cabinetry Break Up

Sometimes a kitchen can look smaller because of bulky cabinetry that takes up most of the space. Replacing this cabinetry with other elements like open shelves or glass doors on the cabinets themselves.

This can make your space not only feel bigger but add a bit of uniqueness to the design of the kitchen.

Add a Multipurpose Table

If your counter space doesn’t lend itself to much room for cooking prep, you can kill two birds with one stone by installing a table that can double as an eating space and a prep space.

If there is room in the center of the kitchen, it could be an island with seating and prep tools. If you have a black wall in your kitchen, building a floating table on that wall can create the same effect.

Elongate the Walls

If you don’t have much width to work with in regards to your kitchen, use its height instead. Store things higher up and make the walls look taller.

This can give off the illusion of a bigger space and adds functionality to the walls themselves.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is key to making your space unique, larger and functional. The brighter your space is, the bigger it will feel because it highlights all areas.

Hanging lights over your cabinets or the sink can be excellent ways of doing highlight your small kitchen design.

A Pot Rack

Arguably the items that take up the most space in your kitchen are your pots and pans. Allow these bulky items to hang off of a pot rack instead of stacked in your cabinets to free up space and allow for a less cluttered look.

You can use the essentials of your kitchen to add to its distinctive design, and a pot rack is a perfect example of this.

The Design is in the Details

An important thing to remember is that the majority of good design lies in the details of the smaller things. You don’t need a lot of space to design a beautiful kitchen, you just need to pay attention to the smaller things.

Things like cabinet hardware, items on the countertop, congruent color palettes and even window panes can all contribute to creating a stylish and Pinterest worthy kitchen.

Small Kitchen Design

It’s not just large spacious kitchens that get to benefit from the joys of beautiful design. Smaller spaces too can benefit from small kitchen design tips and look just a stunning.

Don’t allow your hopes of preparing and serving meals in the kitchen of your dreams be dashed by a limited floor plan.

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